Kevin Conroy tribute fan art

Frozen pizza design 

Artemis fan art


Fall girl

Scary Kitty!

Mangy Cool Cat

Raw sticker sheet
Raw sticker sheet
Order yours at
Order yours at
Sticker packs!
Sticker packs!

Retro Fast-Food Hamburger Dude

Death Robot

Red Rocket

Retro Rocket

Mr Jiggle Jelly

Wild Dogg #2

Wild Dogg

Dancing Hot Dog Rubber Hose Design

Like the design? It's available at my shop!

Devil's Lettuce

Lebron James Caricature

ZENITH IV - Breach single artwork

Sam - He likes Ninja Turtle Pies and pop music

Check out the podcast Punk Up The Airwaves!

Logo - Punk Up The Airwaves

DevRock merch design

Sam Wong Salon

Various video thumbnails that I designed for my YouTube channel.

Jimmy Flame - 80s Collection

"GPS" official lyric video for the Grammy-nominated singer Mumu Fresh. Created in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Mumu Fresh - GPS

Advertising cards series designed for ZENITH IV. Check out ZENITH IV on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, and virtually wherever you get your digital music.

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