Guitar Freak - Clip Studio Paint EX

Herman Munster Rock N Roll

Johnny Nebula

Sketch Flash (mouth/nose)

Rocktober Werewolf

Socket Wrench (mockup) - Clip Studio Paint EX

Car Jack

Car Jack. Comic book character. I came up with the Car Jack character as a wrestling gimmick years ago. He would steal his opponent's stuff and never quite finish matches. He even stole the BWF championship once. I figured Car Jack could be more successful as a comic book goon moving forward.


The Night Creature

Muscle Car

Spooktober Challenge

Banana Party!!

Cyberpunk - Adobe Photoshop & Sketchable

Revenge - Adobe Illustrator

Bad Dadday - Adobe Illustrator

Blood - Clip Studio Paint EX

Buster Blue - Drew this on the Daniel (DTM) Flores livestream on Adobe TV!

Kid Kick (manga) - Clip Studio Paint EX

Haaaayyy - Adobe Illustrator

Punk Patrol - Photoshop: I was joking with some friends about starting a fake punk band comic. 

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